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Distance Learning and Videoconferencing Resources

Distance Learning Lab The Distance Learning Lab, located in the Van Buren Technology Center, is a two way interactive video classroom that allows the Van Buren Intermediate School District to offer college programming or special programming from equipped facilities at community colleges, universities, or training centers with compatible equipment. These classes can be offered for Dual Enrollment for high school seniors and Van Buren Technology Center Academy students, graduate level classes from Grand Valley State University in Nursing and Education, and for programming, including teleconferences, such as that for the Michigan Proficiency Test Updates.
Students can be seen and heard by the remote site, and papers and assignments can be sent electronically through the use of a document camera or by a fax machine.

Usually, programming can be videotaped to accommodate students who are unable to attend class because of schedule conflicts or inclement weather.


Contact information:
Distance Learning Coordinator – Ric Kienbaum

Phone - 269-539-5363

FAX - 269-674-8093

Email –