Van Buren Intermediate School District

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Required Documentation**
  •  Absence Forms
 *If your District's student information system (PowerSchool, Synergy or Infinite Campus) can generate a report with the same required information, then do not use form(s) above.   
**All documentation due to ISD Auditor - November 11, 2016 
Graduation & Drop Out (GAD)

The 2016 Graduation Rate Appeals Window in MSDS will close on September 14, 2016. CEPI will use the data submitted in the 2015-16 General and SRM Collections, as well as data from previous years, to calculate 2016 graduation and dropout rates. Exit status corrections not submitted by 11:59 p.m. on September 14, 2016 can only be changed by your local ISD auditor through an audit finding in the GAD Application.

The 2016 Cyclical Exit Status Audit Window will be open in the GAD application from October 17 through December 1, 2016. Auditable graduation and dropout rates will also be available on October 17 to aid districts and ISD districts during this window. After December 1, no further changes to graduation and dropout rate data are allowed.

District Users:

  • Ongoing: Submit UIC linking requests in MSDS.
  • July 20-Sept. 14: Review 2016, 2015 and 2014 cohort summary reports in MSDS and submit any necessary cohort change requests in MSDS.
  • August-Sept. 14: Review Appealable Graduation and Dropout Rates in GAD
ISD Auditors:

Fall 2016
October 5, 2016 Legislated Pupil Membership Count Date and Special Education Child Count date
October 5 – November 16, 2016 Quality Review and resolution of duplicate FTE claims (district certification and decertification may occur during this time) 
November 9, 2016 Legislated data submission deadline - All districts must have data submitted to MSDS by this date.
November 16, 2016 Legislated certification deadline