Van Buren Intermediate School District

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Positive School Climate

October 13th from 8:30am to 3:00pm
Target Audience: Secondary Leadership Teams (with Administrative representation)
Description: Positive School Climate (PSC) is a tier one behavioral framework for secondary schools. The series includes content in PBIS, EWS, data collection, and adolescent cognitive functioning. The series is established as a team training opportunity, with the expectation teams return to school campus and share content with faculty between training sessions. By the end of this series, the School Leadership Teams will be able to coordinate, lead, and manage full implementation of Positive School Climate in their schools. The intent of Positive School Climate is to increase time spent on academic instruction by increasing positive, pro-social behaviors and decreasing behavioral challenges.
Facilitated by Bob Brooks of St Joseph County ISD
Registration Fee: $30 per participant, includes lunch