Van Buren Intermediate School District

Providing Educational Services for a Better Tomorrow

Migrant Services
Migrant Eligibility FactorsClick here to find out who qualifies as a migrant student.
MSU High School Equivalency Program (HEP)The High School Equivalency Program (HEP) is a federal, migrant education program designed to meet the special needs of migrant and seasonal farm workers in pursuit of a GED diploma. The program is offered at Michigan State University and at the VBISD in Lawrence, MI. MSU office: (517) 432-9900 Lawrence office: (269) 207-8105.
MSU College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)The College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) services at Michigan State University provide supportive and retention services to college students from migrant and seasonal farm worker families. For more information call: 1-866-432-9900.
WMU College Assistance Migrant Program
The College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) services at Western Michigan University provide supportive and retention services to college students from migrant and seasonal farm worker families.
Escort.orgEscort is a national resource center dedicated to migrant education since 1986. Go to this site to obtain various educational resources and/or learn about the services they offer.
United Farm Workers ( in 1962 by Cesar Chavez, the United Farm Workers of America is the nation's first successful and largest farm workers union currently active in 10 states. Visit this site to learn more about farm work and current legislation in this area.

College & Scholarship Information
ACT Practice TestYou must take the ACT to get into college. The better you do on the ACT, the more scholarships you can earn. Go to this site to practice for the ACT.
Scholarships ( out a profile and start searching for scholarships. This is an excellent site. One of our students got three scholarships from last year.
Latino College DollarsExcellent Site! This site allows you to search for scholarships and tells you if citizenship is a prerequisite. Yes, there are many scholarships available to students who are not citizens of the U.S.A. Once on this site, click on Scholarship Directory and then select your search criteria.
Top Ten TipsGo here to learn what you should be doing to get ready for college.
Diez Mejores ConsejosVe aqui a leer consejos sobre planificar y pagar la universidad.
Aldaily.comThis site offers some very useful links to worldwide newspapers and magazines.

Citizenship Questions
See how much you know about the United States.  Could you pass the test?
Guia de NaturalizacionVe aqui para obtener más información sobre obtener la ciudadanía.

Community Resources

Van Buren County Resource GuideGet the names and phone numbers of people who can help you with your problems.

Learn English/Translation Services

Google Translate
Use Google Translate to translate individual words or short phrases.  You can also translate entire web pages by placing the website address in the box.
ESL flyer

Attend classes to improve your English.

Puedes assistir clases para mejorar el ingles.

Dave's ESL Cafe ( internet's meeting place for ESL & EFL teachers and students from around the world.
Randall's ESL Listening Lab ( to everyday conversations and answer comprehension questions to improve your listening skills.
ToLearnEnglish.comHere is a site that has English Exercises for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. I suggest clicking on "Hundreds of Exercises" and then choosing your desired activity.
This is a great free site on which to learn English.
Este es un sitio gratis y muy bueno para aprender el ingles.