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PowerSchool Login-In
Check Student Grades and Attendance On-Line!
Parents and students,
Did you know that you can check check your grades and attendance on-line at any time?  It's easy once you know how!
The Technology Center uses a student software package called PowerSchool.  This software allows us to manage student demographic information as well as student attendance and grades on-line.  Each of our students' sending schools use PowerSchool to check their students attendance.
Now available are the parent/student log-in ID's and passwords.  If you were unable to attend our annual Back-to-School Night, the information is being mailed to you.  If you do not receive your information (or just can't find it), please contact Lisa Haselberger at 269.539.5349.
The website location is:
You may view this information at any time and will only have access to your student's information, so please keep your user name and password confidential!  Once you are logged in, you will be able to view current grades and attendance, grade and attendance history, and any teacher comments that may have been entered.  You can also request an e-mail notification for the above items.
Because of the varying nature of our career/technical education classes, each of the teachers will be using the grading software somewhat differently; however, each student's grades should be updated by noon each Monday.
If you have any questions about your student's grades or attendance, instructors may be reached at 269.539.5000, or by email.  To search through our list of personnel, please use our Interactive Staff Directory.
If you have difficulty accessing your student's records, please contact Lisa Haselberger, the Student Accounting Secretary at 269.539.5349 or email at:
Please note, this is for students of the Van Buren Technology Center only.  
If you are trying to receive information in regard to a home school, please contact that school directly.