Van Buren Technology Center

Providing Educational Services for a Better Tomorrow

Adult Education
The Van Buren Technology Center offers a variety of training opportunities for adult learners too!  Whether you're looking for just a refresher class, or need to master a new set of skills for the job market, the Van Buren Technology Center is your area training facility!
Are you able to attend classes during the day?  If so, most of our daytime programs are open to adults, based on program availability.  These classes are high school classes (you would be attending school with high school junior and senior students), but if the program has openings available, it may be just the spot  for you!  Please click on Programs in the bar at the top of the screen, then Program List for a list of daytime programs and information. 
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Please note:  Not all daytime programs are open to adult learners (many do fill with high school students and have waiting lists), so please call for availability (phone number is listed below).
To inquire about daytime programs,
please call 269-539-5328.
Do evening classes better fit your schedule? We offer a number of evening classes that may also fit your needs. Class schedules change each session and will become available as soon as possible.
 For evening program registration or information,
please call: